[WP] A peaceful alien race is besieged by another race in the same galaxy. As their last planets fall and their home-world comes under threat they do the unthinkable. They ask for aid from the only known creatures more brutal than their foes in exchange for FTL technology. Humans accept the deal.

When mankind was given the ability to have interstellar travel things changed quickly. In the span of of a decade the refugees arrived in South Africa. All 1 billion of them. The tax on South Africa's natural resources was offset by the technology boon they got from just collecting the trash the aliens left about. Sure the Afrikaans didn't like them, and sure they called them prawns. That was expected. It was also part of the deal. The deal for interstellar travel.

Really, we are a generous people. To save an entire sentient race from destruction we harbored them on our own land, our own home. They were our guests, and as guests they enjoyed guest rites. We protected them, fed them, and taught them how to survive off our land.

The next one hundred years was called the Human Century. We spread to the Moon first, then Mars, and naturally we built a station just near Pluto. Our forward operations. We needed a site far away from Earth because of the folds created by FTL travel. The first moron to activate an FTL drive too close to earth's atmosphere was a Hawaiian who dreamed. He wanted to be an astronaut. But he took Hawaii with him.

This gift had to have rules. Though the aliens gave us the technology they refused to share with us how to use it. That was the 1st strike against them. They were, pardon the analogy, space jews. They were extremely reluctant to share anything.

The second strike came when their debtors stopped by. That was fun. Seems us harboring an entire species wasn't so gracious a thing to do anyway. These new aliens told us that we were harboring genocidal criminals.

Let it be known that by this point we had come to good terms with our alien friends.

Naturally we didn't take lightly to someone telling us someone whom we loved was a genocidal criminal. But they told us to go see for ourselves. And wherever the South African aliens went a trail of destruction followed though out the galaxy. Nothing they touched escaped their taint.

That was strike 3.

Thus began the great purge. In the course of a month we destroyed an entire species that had been the bane of the galaxy for over 10,000 years. We joined the interstellar community to applause and praise.

Thus began the Human Century.

(C and C greatly appreciated)

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