[WP] The police force can get some pretty odd cases that they get called into. Write one of these cases.

  On  Saturday, 7 March 2015, I, Officer James Hawthorne, was assigned to the 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM shift, in marked cruiser #678, in Atterbury, MA.  At approximately 1:45 AM, I was dispatched to 167 Waynewright Drive for an unknown disturbance.  Dispatch stated that an unknown female called and stated, “They are outside, outside, please send help, they are outside.” After this statement the line went dead and he was unable to reach anyone on a call back.  About 6 minutes later I was the first to arrive on scene.

  Upon arrival at the residence I observed the front door to the house was open and the screen door was askew, hanging by only the bottom hinge.  No one was visible outside the house, but all the lights inside the home were on.  Officer Williams arrived at this time and we approached the house.  I pulled my weapon and announced my presence.  There was no response to my announcement.  An inspection of the home showed a pool of what appeared to be blood inside the front door, multiple items strewn about the floor, and furniture knocked over.  I contacted Dispatch and requested the Fire Department to stage nearby and requested a supervisor to respond.  Officer Williams and I then proceeded to search the residence and were unable to locate anyone within the residence.  The first floor of the home was in disarray and we discovered multiple blood stains on the floor and walls of the kitchen, living room and the front foyer.

     Upon a closer inspection of the home, I located a steel door in the basement.  This door appeared to have been forced open; the latch on the outside was broken from the door with the padlocked still locked to the frame of the door.  The door was a metal door with an inset smaller opening that could be opened only from the outside. The interior of this room consisted of concrete walls, floor, and ceiling with a metal drain in the center of the floor, multiple dirty blankets covered the floor.  There was fresh blood on the floor and blankets, the interior of the door and on the floor immediately outside the door.  

   While investigating the basement, Sergeant Lomax and I ordered by the Chief to return to the front of the house.  There I spoke with the Chief Hildeman who stated this crime scene was no longer under our jurisdiction and was being taken over by a federal agency.  I then gave my statement to the agents involved and left the scene to return to patrol at approximately 3:17 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

James Hawthorne


Ok guys, this is gonna sound fucked up, but you need to hear this, I have no idea what happened in that house, but I have not been able to get it out of my head. I know you have read that bullshit report I had to write, it barely scratched the surface. First things first, we have never been to that house before, have no record who lives there, and in fact I cant remember the last time I was in that neighborhood. The “blood” I found throughout that house, was not like anything I have seen before, it had a green hue at the edges of the puddle and smelled like vinegar. The furniture was not askew, it was completely destroyed, it was like the fucking hulk went on a meth rage throughout that place, I have never seen that amount of damage before.
So as far as the cell in the basement goes, cause that’s what it was, a cell, it was caked in filth. It smelled of burning hair, human waste, and rotting meat that’s the closest I can come to. Remember when we had to go into that crazy cat hoarder’s house on Glen St, it was way worse than that. Those blankets, they were not just strewn around, they were formed into a nest in the corner, swear to god, a fucking nest, it was four feet in diameter and had an edge of blankets crusted into a matted mess. I was starting to move the blankets when the chief called us out of the house, but I still think I heard something moving deep inside those blankets. These “Agents” are the weirdest part, they showed me FBI credentials and the chief says they are legit, but everything about them seemed wrong to me. I gave my statement and they asked me exactly two questions afterward, “What is your blood type?” and, “Exactly where did you place your hands inside the house?” How fucked up is that, they obviously knew something about what happened inside that house. The icing on this shit sandwich is that I went back and listened to the recording of that phone call and the woman was clearly saying, “They are out, out, please send help, they are out.”

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