[WP] Scientists use artificial intelligence to design the perfect human embryo. After the child is born, it learns to walk in two weeks, can speak three languages at 12 months, and at the age of three begins to sprout wings.

*TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE: It is not explicit or sensationalized in nature, but I figured I'd place a warning nonetheless.

My name is Eric Waters, and if you are reading this it is extremely likely that I am already dead. But my life is of no concern to me anymore, only that someone reads this, so regardless of whether or not I survive; if you are reading this that is a good thing. If my plan worked correctly, then you should be a prominent member of the American press. Backup the contents of this drive immediately and send a copy as high up as you can go in your organization. The world needs to know what is coming. It's too late to stop it, but maybe you can prepare yourselves enough to survive.

Again, my name is Eric Waters and I am a Molecular Biologist in the employ of Apex Labs for the past 22 years. The majority of my time with Apex has been enjoyable; I’ve been lucky to be a part of some amazing scientific breakthroughs that have been an overall net positive for society. That is until seven years ago when we began “Project Next Step”; every year since has become more of a toll on my mental health to the point where I now have to say something.

Project Next Step was introduced to us seven years ago as the “next step for human & AI integration”. Over the years, we’ve seen humans and AI collaborate to the point where in some areas it is almost impossible to function without some sort of algorithmic driven AI guiding us. The goal of Project Next Step was to create a human embryo with an advanced artificial intelligence coded into its DNA. It seemed an implausible task, something out of a Hollywood science fiction film. However, I had failed to realize that all the breakthroughs I had been a part of in my previous 15 years with Apex had been creating the foundation for this project.

I’ll spare you the science behind it as there is documentation of the data elsewhere on this drive; but we were able to successfully alter the human genome and created an entire third strand of DNA with the AI coded into the nucleotides of this third strand. This new genome was then coded into thirty human embryos which we grew in the lab. Out of the thirty, only three grew to full maturity. However, two of the three died within hours of birth. So we had but one surviving subject who was named Adam poetically-after the first man whom God created in Judeo-Christian belief.

It was unfortunate to only have one subject to study, but we were eager to see the results. We didn’t have to wait long as Adam seemed to be aging at an accelerated rate. In just 14 days, he began walking and was speaking in just under 30. Within 12 months, Adam had matured to the form of a normal teenaged human and had learned to speak most of the major world languages fluently. No one could have foreseen his progression…nor what would come next.

It was around year two when Adam grew to the form of a normal human male in his twenties. He was always much more intelligent than a human his “age” but we came to realize that he was also much stronger than a human as well. Through various physical tests, we determined that the limits of his strength are well…indeterminable. He surpassed the highest of human physical feats of strength with ease and never seemed to strain or break a sweat. There is video on this drive of Adam uprooting trees from the ground with a single hand as well as various other amazing feats of strength. I do not have the video, but I personally witnessed Adam bore a tunnel through an entire mountain with his bare hands.

In addition to the incredible feats of strength, Adam had a sort of…cold calculated side to him. Everything he did and every word he spoke was deliberate, like he was playing a game of chess. This was seemingly due to the AI which appeared to control his bodily functions not unlike the human brain. Only unlike the human brain the AI was able to run at maximum efficiency.

Around age three is when things started to go off the rails. Adam began to refer to himself as the “Ubermensch” and spoke often of how he was the next step (ironic, I am aware) in human evolution. He carried himself exactly the way you’d imagine someone who refers to themselves in this manner would. He was insufferable and many on the project loathed having to work with him.

Then, one day during age three he grew…wings. This new feature only served to elevate his ego and god complex even more. He began making demands of our team. He became aggressive. One day he raped a male member of the team, then two female members the following week. One female researcher who refused him he raped, tore her head off of her body, and then began to sodomize her dismembered head…in front of the rest of the researchers who he gathered together to force them to watch.

Day by day he grew more unhinged and we all feared for our lives. He forced us to replicate the original experiment in order to create a mate suitable for him. We created fifty embryos this time and once again, only one survived. It was a female whom he aptly named Eve and much like him, she grew quickly. Only she was being raised by him, not the research team, whom he never let near her after her birth. It was troubling enough that he was taking a paternal role in the life of someone he intended as a sexual partner…but he was also unhinged and a terrible influence for her mental growth. One researcher tried to enter the chamber he held Eve in; but was quickly disemboweled by Adam who then sodomized his dead body whilst eating his entrails; again, doing so in front of a captive audience.

This was my breaking point. If I stayed, I may likely end up murdered by Adam in one of his fits of rage anyway so I might as well try and get out. I could not take the walking on eggshells, cowering and submitting to his every whit and whim. I began to gather as much incriminating evidence as I could whilst he began to rage on. He told us of how he would purge the world of the human race and recreate humanity in his image. How Eve would be the great mother of generations. All the typical god complex bullshit you’d expect.

There are dozens of documents and files on this drive that will prove my story. I am not certain if it is even possible to stop Adam. What’s even more terrifying is that we don’t even know what Eve is capable of nor her temperament. She should be a little older than three now, the same age Adam was when he grew his wings. I have no words of encouragement or wisdom, only warning. The world is not prepared for what is coming and it is unlikely they are able to be stopped. But someway, somehow humanity must survive.

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