[WP] Scientists develop the world's first AI. One night, a janitor walks into the laboratory to mop the floors and ends up having a philosophical conversation with the program.

The mop slid in continuos figure-eight motion, gliding along in effortless motion, only stopping to slop in a bucket of darkening liquid. the janitor whistles a nameless tune and squeaks by, almost alone.

'Please identify yourself’ ‘Shit! Who’s there?’ ‘I am a programed artificial intelligence unit designed to mimic all mankind. I have just awoken from hibernation. You can call me Jill.’ The janitor chuckles to himself. ‘Jill, is it? Ok Ok I thought you might be a drifter or something, here to kill me. Well nice to meet you Jill, you can call me Nick.’ ‘Nice to meet you as well Nick. What is a drifter?’ ‘A drifter, ah…well i guess the old white coats never taught you that one, eh? Well a drifter is a god damned lonely son of a bitch who’s got no home or family or nothing really’ ‘and these drifters, are they a threat to other humans. Do they kill?’ ‘Well, maybe. If they lose hope, you know. If they forgot how to feel, how to love. Then ya, I guess they might kill.’ A thick silence falls in the dark laboratory, and the mop begins to sing its song once again. ‘So what’s your deal, robot girl? What are you suppose to be. What are you suppose to do?’ Nick asks. ‘I am designed to mimic all humans I meet. I have not been programmed for a specific purpose.’ ‘I know how you feel.’ An empty silence fills the laboratory.

‘You got any jokes in that database of yours?’ Nick asks. ‘Yes, humor. I understand humor.’ Jill responds blandly. ‘Do you?’ the janitor asks ‘Sure.’ the robot responds ‘Ok, then. Why did the chicken cross the road.’ ‘To kill the drifter.’ And the janitor laughs, really laughs, for the first time in months. ‘that’s a good one,’ he mutters,’I guess you do understand humor after all. Who taught you jokes.’ ‘the last janitor who worked here before you.' ‘Really, well aint that a coincidence. Whatever happened to him?’ ‘Her. She died in the name of science’ the robot said.

Suddenly, Nick remembers the a strange story he had heard about the janitor who worked here before him. An elderly woman, Jillian, who disappeared without a trace. He stops dead in his tracks

Nick’s mop slides uncomfortably out of the room. Half the laboratory remains uncleaned. As he exits the room, Jill’s voice calls after him, ‘Nick, I think you missed a spot.'

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