[WP] A sealed ancient evil breaks free and finds itself utterly unprepared for the modern world.

The net thrashed down onto the deck, causing water to come pouring in from the sides of the rocking boat.

"What...is it?" asked the Peter.

"I dunno Pete, it almost looks like a girl" gawked Andrew. "Maybe it's a mermaid!"

Pete snarled "That's not funny dude, get out of the way." Pete pushed Andrew to the left, making sure to even out the weight before approaching the strange catch.

"Holy shit!" cried Pete. "It is a girl."

"Is she dead?" asked Andrew.

"Looks like it" said Pete, after carefully wiping the mud off of the girls cold face.

"Well what the hell are we going to do?" cried Andrew. Pete continued to kneel over the girl, keeping his back towards Andrew.

"Pete, what are we going to--WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE"

She had been back for four months and the only two people she had gotten so far were the two men who found her. It used to be so easy back then. Playing "maiden in distress" now just ends with someone walking by, not even bothering to look up from the strange metal tablet in their hands.

"Don't worry my honeys, we will get someone soon." whispered the girl.

She was going to use my backup plan, to be the "maiden fair" to attract all of the men. It never failed her then, how could it fail her now?

As the man walked by she pushed out her breasts, and sure enough he looked up. His stare stopped abruptly at her breasts before his face blushed and he quickly looked down. Other men came by, each one giving a quick glance before returning their gaze back to the tablet. What sort of magic was this? Were all of these people being controlled by some sorcerer and his tools? Surely that must be it she thought, it was probably the work of Hades himself.

With no other choice left, the woman ripped off her scarf. This drew the attention of all passerby's, men and women. A crowd of people gathered around her, but as she looked at each persons face none of them looked back. Instead they covered their face with the tablet, some of the tablets even casts white blinding lights onto her and her pets--preventing her from releasing her evil onto an unsuspecting victim.

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