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On my sixteenth birthday, my father called me and told me he didn't want to be my father anymore. Said my stepdad was doing alright, and he didn't want to get in the way of that.

I've got seven parents. Five if you want to get technical, and two who are not related legally or by blood, but I refuse to think of them as anything but family.

There's my mother, who was brought up a good Mormon lass in Provo, UT. Went to BYU and met my father, an equally good Mormon lad, and had two little kids in her senior year of college. The first one was me, the eldest of all the future kids. The second was my sister. She came only fifteen months after me, which means three months out of the year, I'm technically two years older than her. It pisses her off to no end.

I don't know the exact details, but while at BYU, my mother met a wonderful lady, divorced my father, kept us kids, and pursued a life of lesbianism and witchcraft in the pagan jungles of Tacoma, Washington state.

Mother, Mom, Father.

Ten-ish years later, my mother and my other mother divorced. My birth mother married a new man. He's my dad. My father gave me life and ambition. My Dad gave me emotional maturity and the tools to build healthy connections with anyone I care to.

Mother, Mom, Father, Dad. That's four.

Rewinding back. My mother and my mom were very good friends with a couple in the classier area of Tacoma. I visited these two for ten years. I didn't know memory without these two. Ma and Pa.

They had two kids. Both love video games and Legos. Both are crazy creative and one of them loves to pull their pants down and run around naked, Ma chasing after him. They're my brothers.

Mother, Mom, Father, Dad, Ma and Pa. That's six.

My mom, not my birth mother, was distraught after my mother left. She wallowed in games and work, before eventually finding a caring woman on an internet dating site. My mom was prone to violent outbursts. She never struck anyone, but her voice was pure rage and that hurt enough.

So she met police mom, and police mom does not take shit from anyone.

Mother, Mom, P-Momma, Father, Dad, Ma and Pa. That's Seven.

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