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The door opened and they walked into the room, he paused briefly and let out a gasp as he saw me". That's the most sinister thing I've ever seen" He said as he made eye contact. I had never met him before but i knew him from TV, this was going to strange evening. His eyes turned to the animatronic cthulhu in the bed next to me, "What the fuck is that" he exclaimed as he began to survey the room, Then his eyes stopped and i knew he had noticed the 13 inch black strap-on dildo i was wearing. This was too much for him to take and he backed into the corner and started to jabber.

He looked different than i expected but perhaps that was because he was dressed as Jafar from from the Disney classic Aladdin. I took a moment to admire the costume it was impressive though i assume it was a rental. He was beginning to calm down, Time to step it up a notch.

I Advanced quickly and stop a little inside my targets comfort zone, my strap-on whipped towards him violently with the sudden movement. This had the desired effect and herded him deeper into the room, and closer to my hidden companions.

A hand darted out from under the bed and locked tightly onto his ankle, he screamed as my companion emerged. Wearing the same chimp mask I was, but brandished his strap-on by hand, banging it violently against the walls and screeching like a man possessed. Our target ran, but in his panic he failed to see the motionless 6 foot gimp hiding the the darkness between him and the exit.

I looked over at the man he entered with, our benefactor. He was laughing holding his knees for support. As he moved to guide his friend to the next room he gave us the thumbs up. I lay back on the bed and started trying to balance my dildo so it would remain upright ready for our next arrival. Still 5 hours to go. This has got to be the strangest gig i will ever do, i wonder who else i’ll meet tonight.

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