[WP] Story from a world where humans aren't at the top of the food chain. They live their modern lives but with the fear of being eaten.

It's been four years since They first appeared. Four years since anyone has dared to venture outside for more than a minute.

Never imagined it would be this bad.

At first, They were confined to the darkness of night. People would go on a nighttime walk and disappear, only to have their mangled corpses turn up weeks later. For a while, we thought that there was a serial killer in our midst, until the attacks multiplied, until the attacks spread. Within three weeks reports started to come in from as far away as Sacramento, where an entire concert was wiped out in less than an hour.

Forty thousand people, just gone.

The military was called in to fight, but after losing hundreds of men, they finally gave up and conceded defeat. Of course they weren't able to do anything, after all, how can you fight something you can't even see?

We soon found that they aren't able to enter cars or buildings, and eventually people just learned to never go outside at night. Life carried on, people adapted as they always do.

I'll never forget the day when everything changed.

It was a Saturday just like any other in mid November. Some friends and I had traveled down to Baton Rouge to see LSU take on Alabama, in a game that had been hyped up for months on end. The day was blistering hot, and the stadium packed to the rafters. John Peterson, the Alabama quarterback, was slated to break every passing record, and his team was easily the best in the nation. He was halfway through the third quarter, picking apart the LSU defense with scalpel-like precision, when it happened. A chill swept through the crowd and darkness descended upon the stadium. For a second the entire stadium went pitch black, so dark that you would have thought the sun had died. Even though the darkness lasted for less than a second, it seemed to stretch on for an eternity. When the light returned, John was gone. Realization slowly crept through the crowd and as the icy hand of fear gripped our minds...

They're here.

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