[WP] There was a brief window in the 1800s where you could have an adventuring party made up of a samurai, an elderly pirate captain, a Zulu warrior, a cowboy, and a Victorian gentleman detective and have it be 100% historically correct. Write the story of this unlikely group of adventurers.

Lady Goldiger.. was seriously not impressed with her current company. Not only her husband had found out about her multiple affairs... he had also kicked her out of his sprawling estate.

If only I kept to the chambermaid. She sighed. But what was done was done. She needed some money. And quick.

If only her book had sold well. But people had figured out quickly it was just sherlock holmes. In a skirt.

She needed money. Fast. Her expensive bottles of liquor weren't going to fund themselves you know!

  • map of omar goloza? What is that..

  • you need money? Here is map. The old woman laughed. Now git.

She did. Not wanting to stay one more minute in this seedy part of town with the widows and spinsters.

Staying at one of her paramours secret hideaway, she studied the map in great detail. It was certainly well drawn. The texture of the paper was weird though.

With a gasp she realized it was human skin.

When she had the courage to pick up the map again, she decided to copy it on paper.

She was especially interested by the numbers. If what the map said was true.. fortune was a fortnight away. 2 if it was a slow ship.

Now she needed some help. But where to find it. ..

This was where .. they.. no.. he came in.

At first it had seemed weird. It was just one man. A timid looking man. But he had advertised his services as the famous 5. Some famous he was. Barely scraping along.

Right now he was steering the ship .. while the actual captain shrunk back in fear.

  • did ye leave ya balls at home with ye wenches? He hollered. Let's have us a song lads!!

The crew broke out into a raunchy number. Her ears were burning but he was singing along expertly steering the ship away from danger.

Tbh she thought what little money she had left was gone for good when the original captain said there was no way forward.

It was when Havelock had stepped forward.

  • you pox rotten gits call yer selves sailors? Move land lubber!

This was not the first time he had impressed her so.

The moment she had steeped into her office.. all prim and proper, not letting anything show.. he had read her like a book.

No detail missed his eye. Even the small nail clipping stuck to her blouse. She swore it was not there when she left the house.

  • I'll help. He had said. Standard fee. With whatever you want to give as bonus. Fee upfront please.

It was steep.

  • where are the other 4? She had asked. Assuming they were out on other adventures.

  • 5 actually. I'm sixth member of the team.

  • then why not call yourself the famous 6?

  • famous 5 sounds better. Don't worry. They will show up.

To be continued in part 2.

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