[WP] Throughout your childhood you are made fun of for "making up your own language", till Earth is contacted by another race and you are the only one that understands them.

I spent my days alone, separated from people. My mind has always been clouded with strange memories. In my sleep and in my wake, I get these flashes of a world far from our own. I hear voices calling to me. At first my parents and my teachers thought there was something wrong with me. That there I was experiencing something called schizophrenia. But I knew this was real.

As my years went by, other children would point at the strange kid talking what appeared to be gibberish. They would often take my notebook, filled with words that the voices spoke of. They would tease and laugh at the words before ripping apart the sheets of paper so carefully written.

"Io na vale yue!" I threatened in the voice's words. "I'm going to to kill you!" I threatened again in English. I tried to shove the bullies, but before I could step forward, I was shoved down. The taunting turned to kicking. "Shist io!" I called for help, but no one came. When that recess bell rang, it only marked the end of what they could do on the play ground.

In class, I kept to myself, never talking, never working with my assigned partners, because I know they'd tease me to. And when the teacher wasn't looking, they'd throw paper balls at me. Figures that when I throw back, the teacher just happens to turn around. I try to claim that they started it, yet I'm the one that gets in trouble. Still, it wasn't all bad. At least by missing recess I get to stay inside away from those chota (assholes).

Still, I never could escape that torment. Now, years later I'm a young adult. I'm on my own, with little to no friends. And those that I do have still mock me for my tongue. Most of my free time I spend gazing up into the sky, wondering what else was out there. I still get flashes of that world, and hear the voices. True it wasn't as strong as it was before, but they're still there. Sometimes I ask them, if I could join them. "Plei, voca cai io byd tier...Sei luta fien taim hyr..." Please tell my how I can be there. It's better than here. While I can hear them, I never did get an answer on whether or not they could hear me. All these years, I've been left images of a better world. Io reis Io cai zyn sei...

Then, I got my wish.

Scientists have been tracking an asteroid bound for Earth the minute it entered our solar system. As a science lover, I thought "Sei kut." That's cool. The asteroid's entry was predicted to be visible to the naked eye, but all they thought was a streak of fire caused by the pressurization of the air. The asteroid shattering into millions of shards revealing the mechanisms inside was a bit of a surprise. The mechanisms scattered. One opened in mid-air above my city, creating what appeared to be a portal, or wormhole. "Vyn sei..." I whispered to myself watching from under the shade of my favourite tree at the local park. As I stared at the portal, a flash from that world was burned in my mind. The voices cried. "Shist! Vue tynieli yue. Plei shist!" Translation, "Please help! We need you! Help us!"

I saw the image of a dying planet, their deity ravaging everything in sight.

"Vue Railm sei nyv duanasain. Iutyl yu camiel!" The voices cried. Our planets were now connected. I have to use my knowledge.

I stood up, observing what I could, taking it all in. I could see winged beings that I assume are the Weifeir. These half-human hybrids were blessed with their form by a god who loved to soar in the skies. He granted his people the form of Wyverns so they could enjoy the sky with him. I could see the Lynexian, a feline race who held a strict code of honor in their homeworld. The Aqairi, sea-dwelling race whose technological advancements was unrivaled. The Nocta and the Aeinra were missing. I couldn't see any being with the physical traits of the races born of night and day.

A voice called to me. A familiar voice. This one particular voice belonged to an Aeinra who always treated me as a friend. Maybe something more. "Gehn te teiun!" Go to them. "Voca nym vue, fotai yu'railm zyn sei ai ichfyl." The Aeinran told me to speak for those coming out of the portal, before our world sees it as a threat.

One of the Weifeir flew straight to me from the portal. I assumed he was under instruction of the Aeinran. "Ferventi taist io te yu" He said. He was sent to me by his deity, Ferventi. I've heard Ferventi's voice before. Mostly when I'm in high places or on a plane. He would always speak to me about the pleasures of the winds.

My first concern was for my Aeinran companion who was still just a voice despite the reality of it all. "Ver'sei te heshen?" I asked.

"Te heshen sei fien. Ast rul sei te Ether" His reply lit up my eyes. The two most familiar voices I heard were both fine, and real. I was eager to meet them, but I knew I needed to help these people.

The Weifeir flew me to where the portal was centered, a few kilometers outside my city. There, the three races were helping each other out. I could see some with injuries. Soldiers tired from battle.

"Vyn cosa" I asked the Weifeir.

He started to tell me what happened. How one of the Deities thought that the planet needed to be reset to clean it from it's dark history. That only in death can a fresh start occur. A clean slate. That under her guidance, a new society can grow and flourish without flaw. The Aeinran created the portal to take the as many people as possible to safety. They knew my world was inhabitable, and so they sought shelter here.

"Ver'sei hesh?" I asked him.

"Shtail zain Tecaora..." He sighed.

I clenched my fist, angry at that damned Aeinran's need to help others first. Still, I wasn't really mad. After the stories I heard, I knew this was expected.

After walking through the crowd, the Weifeir had delivered my to an orange-haired Lynexian. "Jay!" She shouted. She stayed where she was as I approached. "You're real." She spoke in her tongue.

"I'm real? You're real! Ether, you're real! Av thys chrom io ental io'ri..." I stopped and just smiled. I wasn't insane. Everything was real. All those days spent learning a non-existant language, all those days mocked by everyone else...it was worth it for this.

"I brought you something." She said in Tecoran. Ether held out her hand, a purple glowing orb of energy.

"Magic...haha." I chuckled. I accepted the 'gift' and felt the surge of energy flowing in my body.

"It may take a while for your gifts to set in."

Their world was that of one with magic. That's why I was always so fascinated with science. Because magic is just science we can't explain yet. However, sometimes there really is 'just magic.' It was one of the many wonderful things about their world.

My short union with the voices in my head were soon interrupted. "Jay, my friend. We have trouble approaching." Sterling said in Tecoran. Sterling was a knight working for the Aeinran queen, who was busy healing her injured people. He pointed towards the several branches of law enforcement approaching.

These people just escaped a war in a world of magic. They've never had the concept of guns. I needed to speak for them. "Staimyr." I said to them.

"Nel!" Ether shouted. "Io'ra ne gehn vier yu."

I didn't argue.

Ether and I walked towards the cars who pulled up just a few feet from where the Tecaorans were camped. They raised their guns, unsurprisingly. Acting on her instincts, Ether took a battle stance, her hands lit up in a violent blaze. The officers shouted at us. "Put it down!" their guns held high. That only prompt Ether to intensify her flames.

"Ether, dasai." I said softly. She growled at me, but decreased the intensity of her flames.

I looked at my surroundings. I could see news helicopters with their cameras pointed at us, broadcasting the alien conflict to the world.

"Please, don't hurt them!" I said with my hands up. "They are refugees. Their world isn't safe! Please put your guns down!"

Military started to arrive. People got scared. The Lynexian prepped for battle. Aqairans readied their magic. The Weifeir gathered around the injured, ready to protect them.

"Avseit, staz dasai!" I shouted. They didn't move. The military and government agents had weapons drawn, and with that, they should too. I didn't know how to settle the situation.

"Jay, plei voca teiun te stopra!" Ether was getting angry. The Lynexian queen just wants her people safe.

I stepped forward. "Please just put the guns down!"

One of the government agents ordered the men to stand down. He approached me with a badge ready. "My name is Agent Dawson. Please forgive them, as you can see, my people are just scared. I'm quite surprised you can speak English, actually."

"That's because I'm from this planet." I said with an angry tone. "I'm speaking for them."

"And how do you just so happen to know their language?" Dawson asked.

I didn't bore him with the details. "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that these people are scared. Their world is in ruins, and now they're scattered across out planet searching for safety. But you government dickwads greet them with weapons and expect them not to defend themselves?"

"We are trying to protect ourselves as a species. As one of us, you should understand that." He was stern in his voice. As if to ask where my loyalties lie. "Tell them to stand down, and we can take them to safety."

"Jay, yu entiol teiun hast vue zain lok." Ether whispered.

"What's she saying?" Agent Dawson asked.

(continued below)

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