[WP] Turns out everyone's religion is "true," and they go to the afterlife they believe in most. You, an atheist, have just died. And the universe took you at your word when you joked about worshiping the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I want to know you Spaghetti-God hahaha.
Touch me with your noodley appendages.
The triadic structure of religion spraying out from the middle east and Mesopotamian/Egyptian culture. Monotheism.
The pharaoh had three sons, first came Spaget AKA Abraham, a Jew, and a really great Spaghetti-ist, next cam Sus-yetti AKA G-sus, a Jew, with a very God-Like aura condemning the Phariseehs (Jewish Pharaohs) for being gross, his magic ways spread all through the land, from India to America, and finally came Pasta El Hummus, the last Spaghetti-Maker to enter the scene.
Spaget was against murdering kids but was okay to burn animals in a fiery pit for the invisible Pharaoh that ruled over the land. Also he had to inspect every baby's peepee, especially the males, because he needed to make sure his children had the biggest-dickus in all the land. Kind of like the complement of the mirror-mirror story for the wicked witch who felt ugly.
Jesus was against war and diddlers supposedly, yet all the Christian leaders did seemed to be the opposite of that at various times in history, especially their churches, but usually only to the black/brown children and their half breads.
Muhammad was open about diddling kids, it was glorified by God, and the magical Pharaoh that flew around the land with his monotheistic beliefs, AKA the flying Egyptian, wanted to make sure all God's children were safe and sound, happily shitting out spaghetti, 24/7.
After 10 thousand centuries, and 500 billion spaghettis, there were still those who would oppose the great Spaghetti Monster, and his Spaghetti slaves.
However, the beautiful ideas of Brilliant Group were often reintegrated into the great Spaghetti himself, ancient Pharoah, King Ka-Futter-Bup.
Science, began as a way to help people, and shortly after revealing Science to the people, King Ka-Futter-Bup found a way to profit off of it and control the mentally challenged masses.
Previously, the Brilliant Group would release improvements on religion to make fun of King Ka-Futter-Bup, so the King would change his Ka-Futter-Bup kingdom to oppose the ideas of Brilliant Group, simply to be different, if it did not align with King Ka-Futter-Bup's current desires, sexually or otherwise.
Brilliant Group was not perfect and had flaws too, although they relied on two essential principles, critical thinking and a healthy dose of cynicism whenever needed.
Here's a rare sighting of the Faro-King live on YouTube.
King Ka-Futter-Bup himself impersonating himself as an American.

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