[WP] Two brilliant generals meet in person before battle. There are only two things they agree on - neither army can win, and the battle cannot be avoided

N'chala and Urubut glare at their opposition. Their eyes, fixed in position like their armies behind them, glimmering with regret. "You know the battle cannot be won brother," N'chala states hesitantly, Urubut the confident, replies "maybe in theory brother, yes, but practicality has shown otherwise, let it be decided by Kashvan, the dice roller of the sky." Kashvan however did role her dice, not after the brothers conversation, but before time, a time where the seeds of war were in spring.

Shailum the sister of N'chala and Urubut had not been given the clan after the Great Uniter N'Shailubut had passed. The Uniter had always seen his children as a part of him, and named them as such. However, Shailum reminded N'Shailubut of his wife, and so was given her role in the clan as Agricultural head while N'chala and Urubut ruled over the clan.

Shailum had grown jealous over the years, and in an attempt at claiming the clan for herself, became the very incarnate of tyranny, by forcing her servants to commit heinous acts within the clan and blame it on her brothers. The first day of murder gained her several supporters, the second day of rape had given her ten times as many, the third of mutilation had most of clan before her knees, begging for justice.

Shailum's brothers knew of her plot after the 3rd day, when it was all too late, when the entire clan had united under a false Uniter against the sons. And there role the dice, right before the brothers, the entire clan had risen up to arms with the advantage of numbers; while the army of the clan faced against the very people they'd sworn to protect.

N'chala and Urubut were not harsh rulers, but at that moment, demanded that the army not hold back, for their families would pay the price. Kashvan began his role once again, as the brothers broke gaze, so too did Kashvan's palms stillness, shaking and juggling with hesitation. The army had advanced, but the people stood their ground. Kashvan's timeless dice roll had begun to speed, and so did the arrows within the civilians. Fire and chaos loomed over the Uniter's halls, people slaughtered by he protectors of unity, the blood of the protectors stained N'Shalubut's statue. Kashvan was ready to release the dice, the battle met it's worse night when looting had led to the civilians running from the city.

After 4 days and 4 nights, Kashvans dice had been bouncing off the sky, ready to land at any moment. The civilians were few in numbers, the majority fled for the satellite cities while the loyal stayed and were executed. N'chala and Urubut had taken off their helmets, to look at the result of the cosmic dice toss. It was there standing before them, an empty city, void of life, filled with the echoes of unity. So did the two brothers see the outcome, a dead city, and a lost sister, all for the sake of power, and their fathers unwillingness to unite his own children.

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