[WP]: You walk into a pub, and as soon as you step in, the bartender aims a shotgun at your head. "We don't serve your kind here."

It had been a long day, trekking through the hot desert landscape of Burnsley, so when I came across a small town that had a pub that was still open. I readily walked inside, desperate for a pint of anything to quench my thirst but was met by the bartender the moment I walked through the door. He aimed a shotgun barrel to my head and wore a scowl.

"We don't serve your kind here." He growled. I wore a hood, but he'd sniffed me out anyway. I smirked, but before I could get a word out he pumped the gun and shoved the barrel against my skin.

"All right, calm down."

"Get out of my pub, dirty vermin." With a twitch and a sigh, I smacked the gun out of my face (shredding apart one of his tables with lead shots from the blast) and socked him in the nose. He hit the floor, unconscious and likely with a broken nose. I walked around the bar and poured myself a drink, the few customers he had were watching my movements closely and shifting uncomfortably in their seats. I hopped onto the bar and walked along it, then stepped onto one of the nearby tables, then to the next, and the next. The customers were all shrinking back in their seats now, looking at one another, trying to decide whether or not to run. I knelt down to look one in the face, leaned in close and met their eyes. It was a man and upon my drawing near him he began shaking.

"Please, I got'a wife."

"Lucky lady." I scoffed, looking over his dirty, sluggard form. I jumped back to the ground and went to leave when I heard the click of a gun. The offender couldn't see, but my eye narrowed angrily. I turned to him and he pulled the trigger. I held my arm and bullet contacted skin. I pulled the bullet out and tossed it to the floor. He dropped his gun as the courage drained from his face. I climbed a stool and yanked my hood down.

"LISTEN UP, VERMIN." I bellowed to the little crowd. "We tried to play nice. We have been peaceful and good to you and you cried invasion. We explained ourselves, spoke to you in your own language and requested truce, so you killed our people on sight. STILL WE CEASED HOSTILITY. You pathetic beings can't accept change, yet you live in a world that stays the same for not one moment! We were preparing to surrender all hope and find another planet to home our kind...Skatá óti! Your planet it ours. Say your goodbyes, little fliths. You end will not be kind." With that I hopped down from the stool and exited swiftly.

"Énarxi̱ plí̱ri̱ kyriarchía." I spoke into a device embedded into my skin. Initiate complete domination

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