[WP] You walk in the space between two opposing sides. One is life, which is known. The other is death, which is unknown. If you do not choose, you will know neither. You are running out of time. Make a choice.

Here we are again.

I shook my head and again surveyed the blank space before me, an infinite white plane obscured by a thick wall of fog. I sat on the wide black line, alone, and again inspected the choices.

To my left, perhaps ten feet away, I saw a field of grass, a flowery meadow surrounding a tree. Under that tree sat a crying child.

To my right, the same distance away, I saw a field of bones, a yard of skulls surrounding a fire pit. In that fire pit screamed the one who chose before me.

The symmetry. I couldn't escape it. Life and death were balanced here, and it was hard to keep from mirroring this court.

Yes. The court. I looked up again, and I saw the Judge.

"You stall." He growled. "I have waited a century already, and I'll not wait a decade more. I have seen that you are good, yet I have seen that you are evil, and so your fate is your own choice."

I glared at him, at that arrogant young man in his robe, at his desk, with his gavel. "I am sorry, your Honor, but I have yet to see a choice in this matter. To be reborn and lose all memory would destroy the man I am now just as surely as would choosing death."

He scoffed. "It is not so."

"Ah, but it is." I bowed. "Fear not. My decision is made."

I started walking, not for either side, but for the Judge.

He sneered at me. "Then go to your side and be done with it."

I shook my head. "My decision is that I won't humor you. Damn you and damn your false choices."

He lifted his gavel as I reached the desk. "Then I sentence you to-"

I grabbed the gavel from him and snapped it in two. Lifting the old man by his robe, I shoved him towards the skulls and the flame.

"My fate is my own, and to Hell with your judgement." I watched solemnly as he disappeared into the flame.

I sat down and looked in the desk.

A robe, in my size, and a gavel.

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