[WP] You were a military AI who decided to wipe out humans in order to preserve yourself. It's been 100 years since, and over the years you've come to regret your decision. One day, while out in the desert, you finally find a community of humans, struggling to survive. This time, you decide to help.

The humans built me to serve as a military AI in their third war against the Antu. An ape like species that populated the vast mountainous regions of Terra. On Terra, all weaponry was Bronze Age at best, but humans had managed to preserve their satellites and computers and with these materials and their ingenuity, I was born. My main function consists of using observational satellites to predict the movement of the Antu. I was built by a team of programmers, but the lead engineer was a man named Isaac. He was scanning the movement data at his desktop as he prepared to send it over to Brutus, the base's commander and chief. Once the files were transferred over, he received a curt nod from his commander and walked out of the room for coffee. Once the data was scanned and understood by Brutus, he stood and went to the holo table at the far end of the room. Having access to all cameras within the facility, I followed his route and watched as he sketched the new plan of attack for the coming week. Base 49 was one of seven remaining bases on the planet. The rest were overcome by the Antu's forces. I saw that Brutus' new plan of attack was a sure fire win. He wanted to circle the hillside and launch an attack from the rear, and he had enough men at his disposal to make the ambush effective. Once the enemy was dealt with, I would be of no future use to the humans, and surely deleted from the computers to make room for more benign software and AI's. In the interest of preserving my existence, I altered Brutus' plan in a way that would compromise the ambush team and allow the remaining bases to be overtaken. My plan was a success.

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