[WP] They were unlikely friends

First post! Be gentle with me!

He's a kitten, of the orange variety, born on a farm from yet another barn cat. Mr. Farmer hates orange things. It runs deep. Oranges give him hives. His mom told him he was ugly in an orange jumper. His wife cheated on him with a ginger. Mr. Farmer's kid loves orange things; so orange kitty has a playmate. Mr. Farmer refuses to feed orange kitten. Orange kitten's ribs become prominent.

She's a fluffy white dog, officially a man's dog, "accidentally" left at the lazy man's parents' country home. She likes to bark--a painful high-pitched yip. She wants everything to like her. Country home's resident cat hates her. Fluffy dog tries over the years to befriend resident cat. All she gets is her nose scratched.

Orange kitten is now half-grown. It's cold outside. There's snow. Orange kitten rubs against Mr. Farmer's ankle. Mr. Farmer puts orange kitten in his truck and drives away. Orange kitten purrs on Mr. Farmer's lap, happy to be in warmth.

Fluffy dog is in country home. Lazy man is visiting for the holidays. Fluffy dog could not be happier.

Mr. Farmer stops his truck at a country intersection. There's snow, and wind, and fields for miles. No houses. Perfect. He pushes orange kitten out of truck and drives away. Orange kitten sits still. Several cars drive around him. He wraps his tail around his toes.

Orange kitten spots a fence post. He huddles out of the wind next to it, licking snow off his paws.

A car pulls over. People climb out. "Here kitty!" they call. Orange kitten walks to them.

Orange kitten is by himself in a room in country house. He has stuffed himself with food, drank water, relieved himself in litter box. He cries.

Fluffy dog hates when people cry. She runs to room, scratches on door. People let her in. They hold kitten. Kitten escapes, runs to fluffy dog, buries face in fur, purring.

Fluffy dog holds very, very still. She looks at people. She whines. She thinks orange kitten is like resident cat, and she will get scratched nose.

"Who's a good girl? You are such a good girl!" people say. Fluffy dog licks orange kitten.

Orange kitten follows fluffy dog everywhere. They are unlikely friends.

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