[WP] You weren’t shocked to find out that your bard had many illegitimate children. Including one whose mother was a dragon. No, what shocked you was that he somehow managed to help raise every single one of them. And now they’ve come to help you.

I was only talking about the beginning because that's all I read I was starting college at the same time and quickly had too much on my plate and I ended up not being able to continue so all of that was based purely on the first couple chapters of book one which I didn't enjoy all that much. Not to say I anything negative about it though I do play to actually read it over the summer because it does seem like its pretty good. On a slightly unrelated note when I was watching the movie before I even knew there was a book I was sitting there thinking that it seemed like an adaptation of a book and all the ways it would certainly be better and from what little I read I could see that the exact things that seemed like they were skimmed over for time got more explanation in the book (also when I wrote my original comment I was still laughing pretty hard so I probably used stronger language than I should have, that comment probably would have been totally different if I waited five minutes to write it)

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