[WP] A witch cursed you with incredibly bad luck. A kindly mage tried to cancel out the curse by blessing you with luck. It kinda worked. You now end up in danger all the time yet somehow never get hurt. Sometimes you win a lottery, only to lose the winnings in the most unlikely way possible.

At first, it wasn’t that obvious.

Sometimes I would accidentally spill my drink, only for it to lead to me buying a bunch of new clothes. Or having a deadly mold infestation in my apartment, then a few days after I would find a much better flat for a hell of a bargain. It felt weird at first, but I slowly had come to accept that it was part of my life now. But the troubles only grew to a much bigger scale.

Once I had my car crash into another car as I was driving down the freeway, only to wake up with officers congratulating me for stopping a kidnapping. After that, the mayor held a small ceremony for my “heroic act” and gave me a 50,000$ cash cheque. But this single event led to a series of disasters that the city had never seen the like of before.

After my meeting with the mayor, I had become somewhat of a celebrity in my home city. People would flock around me and with them, they would bring their accidents.

From them spilling even more drinks onto my clothes to mother almost accidentally dropping their babies near me only for me to catch them midair in the nick of time. Don’t get me wrong, these things would always end up having a happy ending but I was getting tired of how frequently it happened.

But at the end of the day, there is nothing I can do about it. So I guess I have to live my life like this for now, hoping nothing terribly wrong would happen.

Hmmm… that’s weird. Was the moon always so big?

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