[WP] The world as you know it has been destroyed by nukes. You've lived in a well stocked bunker for 2 years. Food is extremely low and you've decided to see the world before you starve to death. Describe it.

The world is a desolate place now. Four hundred and seventy one days ago, the first nuclear bomb was launched. I know we shot the first one into the sky. The wars had been going on for years and we were losing life after life trying to bring home a victory. The worst was yet to come. Recounting World War Two, we were the only ones with missiles capable of completely eradicating cities of life. Unfortunately for us, we forgot how other countries had developed these capabilities as well. Our political leaders came to the conclusion that our enemies would disappear into the shadows once we decided to hurl these missiles towards them was the polar opposite of what would happen next. The world was sent into darkness. Explosions lit up the sky, parallel to a second sun in the sky. No one could see the first sun though. Clouds filed the air as if all of the molecules in the world had transformed from a clear color to a harsh grey. Life on earth was at an end. 

Today is day 472 of living in bunker 27. Our government moved small groups of people into the bunkers, just in case that worst would happen. We all knew the worst would happen. No one wanted to admit it, but we all knew the consequences of firing those creations from hell into the air. Luckily for me, I was one of the few that won the lottery to make in into the bunker. before the bombings started. I love that we were the ones that started the bombing, the ones that knew that we should move into the bunkers because the world was about to be leveled like a dilapidated apartment complex. 

I remember watching a couple during the drawing of the names; I watched the young wife’s name being displayed on the large monitor in front of the crowd. She fell down on to her knees and began to pray to a god that did not seem to exist right now, but what else could she do? Everyone was looking for comfort in any way possible, considering the next few days could be their last. She felt blessed by a supernatural being, the same that brought this destruction to us. The next name was mine. Before my name was called, I remember hearing through the announcements that this would be the final drawing. A total of twenty five survivors would be chosen and due to time restrictions, adjustments could not be made and spots could not be given to others. Those that were chosen were moved to the bunkers immediately to guarantee their survival. I remember watching that same woman that had been called prior to my name being called; she was still on the ground. Her husband had joined her and I saw tears running down both of their faces as this was their last goodbye. Knowing that when those heavy, steel doors closed, they would never see each other again. 

I am one of the few that made it through the night of bombings, and explosions, and widespread death throughout the world. Thinking back, all of this could be avoided; however, there were some that were too stubborn to admit their mistakes. Political leaders set with ideas that they believed beneficial for the rest of the world, but turned out not to be so beneficial after all. The idea that other countries could be so wicked led to the bombings of innocent lives, truly trying to make a difference in their own communities. We couldn’t believe them when they said they were focusing on nuclear energy rather than trying to destroy us. It is truly a shame that this beautiful earth has been destroyed. 

The worst has yet to come for us in the bunker. Food is beginning to run out, clothes are tattered. I miss the world that we used to live in. There is panic as many are beginning to just count down the days until they die. I know we all are going to die soon as food was only going to be stocked for a short period of time. At least they cared about us. Sending us into the bunker to wait for our deaths. I would have rather disappeared from this earth quickly rather than lose a pound of weight per day until I weigh the same as the small sack of food we have left. 

I miss the world that I lived in, and I am going to go explore it once more. The others in the bunker believe that I am going on a suicide mission. I believe that to be true as well. However, staying inside the bunker is a suicide mission in itself. Some believe that food will be restocked; however, I know otherwise. Food has not been restocked before, why will that change when we truly are on our last legs? We have needed supplies before and nothing has come. I have told everyone my plan is to depart the bunker at noon, it is currently nine in the morning.

The time has come for me to depart into the world. The other survivors consider me a fool. I am not bothered by their words. There are a few that pray for me to survive more than a day in the harsh radiation. As I move towards the steel doors, I prepare to see a world that I have not seen in many days. I recount the gorgeous scenery that I had once known rather than the cold grays and blacks that surround me. I anticipate seeing what the world has in store.

The light is blinding as I move out of safety and into the wild. No one but me knows what is out here. I’m moving slow, I do not want to miss a single object. There is not much color here. There is light, a blinding white light piercing the earth from the faraway sun. There is not much built anymore. I look out on to the horizon. What I used to see was every color on the color wheel. I could see magenta buildings, and rose red rooftops, and the blue sky above. Now there is grey and black. The monstrous skyscrapers appear as if they are seeping into the ground. They are not the magnificent structures that man had been able to assemble in months. Now they appear as if they themselves have been through a war, a brutal war that has left them cold and tired. There is no life here. 

I walk the streets that I used to walk every day. They are not streets anymore, but broken bits of granite. I remember walking past people of every class and age. I recount meeting those that had made it all in the world and those that had lost all of their worldly possessions. It is truly horrifying to think that every person that I have met has disappeared, simply vanished into thin air like a magic trick gone wrong. It is like the magician had removed those people and forgotten how to bring them back. 

I feel parched and have only been out for roughly an hour. I take it that this is not a good sign of my health. I feel extremely weak and exhausted by the simplest of tasks. My body feels gray, like the world surrounding me. I am mortified by the world around me but have little to do with it. I feel as if I am an audience member to a horrific show. I cannot do anything but watch and let the memory of the show slip away. I do not bother looking any longer. The walls of the bunker, my prison, have led me to an even larger prison, the prison of the world. The gray walls and the harsh blacks leave me with no emotion. Sure, the sun is shining, but that does not help the depression caused by the desolate world. 

I assume the radiation is beginning to affect me. I am beginning to feel extremely tired. Maybe it is not the radiation. Maybe my exhaustion is cause by the lack of emotion in the place that I am in. I do not know what to think. All that I can think is that at least I have experienced the world rather than stay inside and wait for my death.

 I’ve decided to take a nap. I am going to go to sleep and dream of the world that I have experienced prior to the world being painted by a god filled with depression. The grays and blacks will soon be replaced by the vibrant colors in my dreams. I know that I will not be able to survive the night in this place with the large amounts of radiation; however, I will pass with the memories of a beautiful world, rather than one filled with gray and black. 
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