[WP] In a world of superheroes and villains, both are seen as a 9-5 jobs. It’s your first day as a villain.

As I zipped up my jacket, and laced up my gloves, I couldn't help but smirk at the card in my hand. "Crisp Freeze". I mean seriously?

I mean, I suppose with how ridiculous my life has been, that fate has a way of handing me such a ridiculous life.

I was born with the ability to manipulate reality. Ever since I was a kid, I could set the world as to the way I imagine it. Yet, I suppose to balance the karmic scales, I was cursed with the "Homophone curse". I'm obsessed with setting balance to homophones, and my powers became limited to this interesting technicality.

I existed simultaneously in space and time as both a human child and a baby goat. People I met for the first time turned into lovely ribeyes. My pennies started to have pleasant, but cloying smells.

It all came to a head the day I met a cute girl down the street. She was gorgeous. She had long brown hair and had this beautiful smile. As a dumb 15 year old, when she smiled at me, one thought came into my mind, "Hot".

When I came to, my house burnt down, and I was being taken away, to a place known as Belle Reeve. For the next seven years, I spent the loneliest time in my cell, burning inside, with only thyme herbs as nourishment. Eventually, I agreed to join Waller's Task Force X, and now here I am, hearing a faint echo, "I am I am I am" in my ears.

I came out of my reverie and glanced at the time, 4:59. As soon as it turned 5, I knew what to do.

The dictator stepped out of his palace, holding some kind of detonator in his hand, I didn't really know what it did and frankly I didn't care. I walked right up to him, and said, "For a scary dictator, you sure are quite chicken", and a lovely rooster appeared right in front of me. It was then Child's play. Chucky helped me cut the head, and then I held the eyes, and finally felt a beautiful cooling sensation.

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