[WP] World War III begins, and is abruptly ended when an observing alien race intervenes to explain to humanity why what we're doing is shitty.

Part 1:

"Mr. President.... are you sure?" "Now...uh... Do it...now... before I uh change my mind." As president Obama gave the word the count down began. They all hated it but if the enemy meant to destroy us than we would have them burn right along with us. Every last one of them. 3... the room was silent. 2... Obama was calm. 1... "Fuck you Kim..." Obama said with an angry clenched face. The Secretary of Defense pushed the button, and bam..... the room went dark. And out of no where the was a light in the corner and static in the air. Then it was gone and all anyone could hear was yelling in some angry Asian tone.... "Jenjang dangsin Putin!!!! Fook yooooo!!!!" "I didn't do this" Said someone in an gruff Russian accent. Slap Slap "Maaaaaannnn Shut up!" fffffffffffff hhhuuuuh There was a long sucking breath and the smell of marijuana in the air. Confused and worried the president spoke up, "Now uh what is going on who's... there?" The lights flickered and came back on. Every man in the room other then the president had their guns pulled and pointed to the corner where they saw two men and two man-like things. Kim Jong Un stood there holding his fat pouty face where he had been struck, Vladmir Putin silently chuckled at his winey companion. But these beings looked at the president with what looked to be goofy stoner smiles. They were green but not the same green. One was a dark forrest shade with what looked like dreads even darker than his skin. The other was a very light almost olive green with messy dark green hair and he held a black rod that looked very similar to a cattle prod. "I babo. Jenjang dang.. aaahhah!!!" Kim was babbling curses under his breath and the olive one zapped him with the prod and laughed a light stoner's laugh. "Stop.... stop please what do.. you want?" Obama muttered out. The darker one spoke up. His voice was deep and friendly, and for some strange reason he sounded almost Jamaican. "Friends don't worry we are here to help. Over the years we have been watching you fight and bicker over this land and that, this law over this, these people being this, those people being that... but you gifted people always forget one simple fact man. You are all still people. Even this little fat asshole of a man. Now are you going to help or must we take you?" "You're not taking him anywhere!" One of the men stepped forward gun forward when PUFF the dark one release a gas from his hand. The secret serviceman smiled giggled and dropped to the floor where he sat smiling like an idiot. "Don't worry he's having a great fuck'n time, heh heh" the olive one said with a glazed look and a half cocked smile. "What was that?" "Don't worry about it. Now meester will you join us? We have a lot do discuss with you sir." He looked around the men were on edge he looked to Secretary Hagel and told him to let Michelle and the girls know he would be back soon. They didn't agree but what else could they do? "Ok I'll come but no harm will uh come to ... my men." "Of course not." The dark one stepped forward and out of his baggy sleeves pulled out 5 green sticks that looked a lot like cigarettes but smelled a lot like pot. "Here for your troubles my friends." he said with a huge grin. And Zap they were gone. The three leaders and the two mysterious green hippies were nowhere to be seen.

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