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Melancholia. Barren field of mind, abode of terrible thoughts. Every curve is a frown, every frown is an invitation to PLUNGE.

Nietzsche got it half right, that bugger..'To live is to suffer', 'e says. You know what he says afterwards, that wanker? 'e says, 'To survive is to find meaning in that suffering!'. The balls on that crazy man. No doubt he PLUNGED.

Ah its raining again. How perfect. The rain falls as lazily as my heart beats. Seems as if it wouldn't beat if it had any other choice; just like these lethargic bulbs of moisture can't help but fall.

Look at that ceiling fan. It would hold me weight, right? Seems strong enough. They should display the suitability of a ceiling fan for holding up weight. What a bunch of idiots!

The rains falling harder now. Not hard enough to drown this world. Pour you limp and flaccid convulsion of nature. Flood this earth three times over and let waves gallop on this terra firma.

It isn't fair. Life isn't fair. Dr. Harper said to lash out whenever I feel like it. It would help me calm down. You know how I managed to lash out the last time I felt like it? Drew a stupid picture of a skull with bones. And it is infinitely shitty; drew only one bone. Then had the brilliant idea of sticking it up the wall. Bloody hell, couldn't even apply glue properly. Now its peeling out from a corner.

I wonder when will the it fall off. I feel like that lass from The Last Leaf. Have you read that? Do! No, wait, don't! Don't do anything that I have ever done. Exampli gratia : Live...or do anything of that sort. A most dangerous enterprise this, 'life'.

The unspent virility of my semi-fertile mind, consumed in the effort to PLUNGE deeper.

These droplets. Most curious is their shape. They almost look like, notes on a staff. If that's a C, that's a C#, D D D D, G! Oh, my neck hurts. But wait, a little to the side and may be I can see WHAT THE F***! Are you kidding me. You SHOULD kill yourself. Trying to read notations from a dripping pane of windows. You are mad! Proper mad!

I should lie down now. I should perhaps just, wait. Can't be too long for my PLUNGE.

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