[WP] It is the year 3017, archaeologists find what they think were manuscripts of an ancient religion, when they are in fact Marvel comic books

The history professor slapped his face so hard, the palm of his hand would leave a red mark for days to come. He grabbed his Android iPad 5000, opened up Google Chrome, and typed in marvel.com. The browser instantly changed it to "m.marvel.com", as mobile holographic processors could not always display the 3D images in full-size.

"What you have found," he said, slowly, as if he was talking to a bunch of thick-headed kids, "appears to be a stash of well-preserved comics."

The archeologists looked at each other, dragging the drool hanging from their mouths across the floor as their heads turned. They looked confused, because they didn't understand big words like "appears" and "comics".

Outside of the building, Stan Lee flew by in his high-tech wheel-chair. There was a picture of him on the cover - another intern had confused him with Hugh Heffner, who was featured in the main article of that issue. He looked up and chuckled to himself.

"Ridiculous," he smiled.

And Hugh Heffner and Stan Lee lived happily ever after. Literally.

Fade to black.

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