[WP] Yet another group of adventurers died with a backpack full of tools they could've used to save their lives, and you're tired of collecting these souls so you're going to give them some advice and send them back.

"What the— again?" I scoffed as I observed three men lying dead next to the oak tree on Primrose Peaks. After struggling to park my motorcycle on the mountain's rocky surface, I vigorously picked up my scythe and began to walk over with steps of flames.

"Seriously?" I complained. "I've been here like one hundred times today, can't people at least try to die at different locations?" After a quick snap of my fingers, the souls of the deceased men began to rise from their bodies. I glared at them as they began to look around with bewilderment, just as everyone else did.

"What's going on?" One of the men exclaimed as he observed his surroundings. "Where am I? Is this heaven?" The body language on the other two men matched the same questions.

"No," I snapped. "This is not heaven. I don't determine that. I'm just here to collect your idiotic souls and be on my way. That is, if someone else doesn't die here in the next 5 minutes." I rolled my eyes as I held up my scythe, ready to slash and absorb their souls.

"Wait!" The second man said, mustering up the courage to speak. "W...We can't die! Not today! We're so cl...close to reaching the t...top of Primrose Peaks and—"

"Listen, buddy." I interrupted. "My job is to mark down appointments, travel to the location of the dead, and collect their souls. Your time is up, along with the rest of your friends. Now, let's make this quick, I'm already late for two more appointments."

"Please, sir." The first man pleaded. "You have to send us back. We slipped on the mountain trying to climb the icy portion with our axes, but we can't die now! We've planned this adventure for years and gathered countless supplies to reach the speculated treasure at the top!" The second man nodded, while the third continued to stay silent out of fear.

"Supplies?" I snatched the backpacks from their dead corpses to reveal actual useful items for climbing the mountain. Despite the harness that secured their waists, the bags contained spare climbing boots, GPS receivers, a couple of axes, first aid kits, tight gloves, spare helmet gear, tight rope, wrapped food, and a camcorder. I was actually impressed, but my frown returned after I thought about how they could've saved their lives.

"Which axes did you use again?" I questioned as I rummaged through their bags.

"The... regular ones...sir..." The third man said, finally breaking his silence. "Why?"

"Why wouldn't you use an ice axe?" I shook my head in disappointment. "If you're climbing an icy portion of the mountain, it's common sense, no?" The men dropped their heads in defeat. "Come on, guys. I'm not even a mountain expert and I know that."

I've seen some stupid deaths as my time as the grim reaper, but this one cut the cake. I didn't have any remorse for these guys, but I was tired of collecting countless souls on this mountain just because they wanted to find treasure or whatever, so I proposed a deal.

"Since you really want this treasure, I'll make a deal with you," I began. I'll return each of you back to life. However, the next time you die, I'm collecting your soul and personally making sure you get sent to hell via Satan."

No one said a word. The men stared at me, trying to process what I just said. I crossed my arms, awaiting an answer. "I don't have all day," I sighed as the mountain wind nearly blew off my hood.

"We've been wondering what type of treasure this mountain holds ever since we were young boys," The second man stated. "Heaven or not, we're taking this opportunity." The other men hesitantly nodded.

"You're actually willing to go the hell just to find out some treasure that you may not even know exists?" I laughed. "Okay, then. Hope the treasure is worth spending your the rest of your afterlife in hell." I snapped my fingers once more, and the souls of men returned to their bodies.

I opened my death portal, started up my motorcycle, and I traveled to my next destination. I looked back for two seconds, observing the men returning back to climbing, but I had to look away because I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

Two days later, I had completely forgotten about the men until I happened to see the news inside a house while collecting the soul of a drunk driver.

"Up next, local men finally discovering the mysterious treasure on Primrose Peaks." The news broadcaster informed. "After a long and painful journey up the dangerous Primrose Peaks, three men finally reach the top to discover the ancient treasure. They describe the treasure as jaw-dropping. Let's hear some words live about it from the three men themselves."

I pinned my skull face to the window.

"We finished climbing the mountain, and marked the location where the ancient legend said where the treasure was hidden," one of the men spoke into the microphone. "And what we found was... nothing..." The man began to sob. "It turns out the treasure was a truthfully a myth, and there was nothing to find or obtain..." Tears covered all three of the men's eyes.

"See you in hell," I smirked.


[Feel free to continue the story! Maybe the treasure secretly gave the men immortality? I don't mind you messing around with it, and thanks again!]

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