[WP] As a young child you made an innocent wish to be granted a power that in hindsight was just whimsical and silly. Now you have grown up but you still have the power - how do you use it now as an adult?

To whom it may concern,

When I was a kid, I wished the police would appear when someone made me sad or angry.

I was only six when I did, and I was only first learning about the police. My teacher was telling me they would protect us and others, saving us from the bad people; so, one night, I wished any time I was sad or angry, the police would appear and deal with the person.

I still remember my little voice asking for that. I will honestly say as soon as I went to school the next day, I wish that my wish wasn't approved.

An older girl had nudged me a bit too hard and sent my piece of cake to the floor, with bits and pieces of it spreading around, hitting my trousers. I looked up at the back of her head as she continued walking but as soon as her shoulder passed by one of the doors, a blue clad arm shot out and dragged her into the hall.

My eyes must have widened bigger than my head as I ran to that door and opened into the hall. What I saw was a group of five uniformed men smacking the girl with riot batons, smacking the blood out of her cheeks and mouth. I froze in fear and just stared at men, they are looked the same; clean shaved heads and faces, pale white skin, and dark brown eyes.

Small me gained a burst of adrenaline and yelled, "Hey! Leave her alone!" As soon as the vibration reached their skulls, they froze and stared at nothing. They began to melt in front of my eyes, from one side to the other. They left three pulsating and cancerous looking puddles on the floor.

That girl had internal bleeding, five broken ribs, her arms were broken, and her skull fractured. I have no idea if she is all right or not.

But now I'm twenty five, and the police are still dealing with my problems. I've had a SWAT team shooting my boss two weeks ago, and a FBI agent broke the HR manager's knees with a baseball bat just yesterday.

I'm going to stab myself with a fork and see if they come,

Sincerely, /u/PoliceKid.

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