[WP] Your evil alternate reality (goatee optional) version of yourself comes to your world. But as you learn more about them you begin to realize that they’re not so bad. In fact, you begin to suspect that you have been the evil version of yourself all along.

Jackson watched as his opponents Flaming Triceratops fell onto the battlefield like a meteor and destroyed all of Jackson’s creatures. He knew his defeat was now inevitable. For the next few turns he desperately tried to stop the inexorable end, but he just didn’t have the cards to do anything. Eventually he found himself staring at a screen that read ‘Defeated’.

That was his third loss in a row. He closed the game and turned around. Jackson jumped in shock as he realized someone was standing in his living room pointing a gun at him. Except it wasn’t just anyone, it was himself.

His doppelganger said, “Well, well, well. So I finally get to discover what lows my soul is capable of. Hello Evil Jackson.”

“Evil Jackson? You are the one pointing a gun at me!”

The doppelganger looked down at the gun in his hand and lowered it to his side. Jackson breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed slightly in his chair.

His doppelganger shrugged. “Yeah I guess that is kind of out of line. I just assumed you’d be, I don’t know, meaner? More formidable? I was only trying to protect myself.”

“Why would you assume that? What the hell is even going on? How did you get into my living room?”

“All good questions. Suffice it to say I had access to multiple wishes, and I found out there are alternate realities where evil opposites exist. So I wished to see what evil me would look like and then I found myself here… I must say it’s not what I was expecting.”

The strange version of himself looked around the room taking in the empty pizza boxes, dirty dishes, and video game paraphernalia scattered about the room. Jackson felt a little shame at the state of his home.

“I’m not evil. I think you got ripped off with that wish. In fact I think even wishing that was probably a complete waste of a wish. You could have wished for anything.”

The stranger’s gaze locked back onto him. “Not evil you say? What did you do yesterday?”

“Um, yesterday I woke up, ordered some Doordash, smoked a bong, and played video games all day.”

His doppelganger looked perplexed and yelled towards the ceiling, “Genie! I think you made a mistake. This is not what I wished for.”

A genie appeared in a bright flash and a puff of smoke. The genie looked around the room and made an expression of disgust. “What seems to be the problem master?”

The home invader Jackson pointed at him and said, “This isn’t an evil version of me. I’m not sure this guy could even muster enough energy to endanger a fly.”

“I usually just let them go about their business. By the time you get one there is already another in the room anyway.”

The genie and doppelganger squinted at Jackson in silence for a moment.

Eventually the genie said, “Well you see sir evil is not black and white, it’s a spectrum. Your soul doesn’t produce traditionally evil people. However, in the wrong circumstances it can produce people like this.” The genie gestured towards Jackson slouched in his computer chair. “You have achieved great things throughout your life master, and this version of you was and still is capable of great things as well. Instead they spend all day everyday right here squandering their gifts and ignoring those they could be helping.”

Doppelganger Jackson said, “Wow that is kind of sad. I don’t want to be here anymore genie.”

In another puff of smoke and a flash of light the unwanted guests disappeared. Jackson was left in his room staring around at the mess he had let accumulate.

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