[WP] Your family is special because every first born has all the memories of their first born ancestors. You are the 73rd consecutive first born.

I turned 24 today. Shunned from the family because I never got moms stupid gift. She said she could remember it not immediately showing up, something about being self aware or being “centered” as she’d always nag at me.

26 years old and I can barely remember the day of the week, let alone over 2000 years worth of whatever the hell people did before smart phones and day trading.

Such a stupid thing to get upset at me for, I mean maybe my always perfect know it all mother was young and dumb once too and had a kid before me. Maybe it’s her fault, maybe it’s dads fault for having a kid before me. Mom said it didn’t matter, but she lies.

Maybe….maybe I just need to calm down and call my doctor, let ‘em know my meds ran out and that I’m not on my family insurance anymore. Gonna have to figure something out, I’ve never gone more than a few days without it and I’ve been having headaches.

Day trading pays my bills but it’s the markets fault when I start to get ahead it crashes and leaves me with just enough to get by and be comfortable.

Neither of my siblings have to worry about this. Danny is dads little princess, she’s from his last wife before mom and it’s her fault that mom didn’t ever want to spend any time with me. Tristan, the baby of the three, is a mommas boy and is spoiled accordingly even though he’s only six years younger than me which is still totally an adult.

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