[WP] Your friend has been bitten by a zombie, and you both agreed to just wait and deal with it when the time comes. It's been a month, and your friend has yet to transform.

"My name is soullessgingerbeard if anyone finds this note, please let the authorities and my family know that Pedro_PigeonEater has mostly likely killed me! At the time of me writing this he has had me locked in his basement at least a month. He has gone insane, weeks ago, just after his bit me he began raving about. I was going to turn into a zombie. He was ready to kill me then I believe. But I finally convinced him to wait for me to turn before doing anything drastic! I have been locked down here ever since then, he continues to check me for "signs" but I can not convince him. I have no doubt as I get worse he will find a reason to kill me. If you are reading this and I am dead or missing please please find him.

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