[WP] Your i-pod is sentient and tries to warn you of impending doom by shuffling your music library to play songs as a warning.

Jason paced around the room attempting to remember what had happened. He looked down at the clock on his i-pod "did I take the soup off the stove?" he muttered. He moved briskly towards the bedroom door. "It smells like something is burning" he thought. Attempting to get a better whiff of the scent, Jason bent down to the bottom of the door. "Hi!" a squeaky voice rang out in the darkness. Startled, Jason fell down. He strained his eyes in an attempt to see who was with him. "Who is it?" he whimpered in a panicked tone.

"It's me, down here!" Jason looked down and saw a giant yellow smiley face on his i-pod screen.

"You can talk?" he stammered in a shaky tone.

"Of course I can, I was designed this way!" The smiley's eyes began to grow. "What are you doing? Why does it smell like smoke in here?" Jason looked over at the door, a strong orange glow was emitting through the gap at the bottom.

"I was just in my room thinking," Jason muttered, "what can you tell me i-pod?"

"You are going to die!" The smiley exclaimed with a glee look on his face.

"Excuse me?" Jason's voice began to rise. Suddenly the room was feeling very hot. Jason reached for the door knob tsss the hot metal seared his flesh. "AHHHH!" Jason screamed in a fit of panic. Crying, he looked down at his hands. There were no marks. "Why wasn't I burned?" He quizzically whispered.

"You can't feel pain." The smiley stated in a markedly deeper voice. Jason looked over at the i-pod, the kind smiley face was no longer present. A more sinister version was in it's place. Instead of being yellow, the smiley was now a mottled flesh color. Eyes void of feeling and emotion. It's gaping maw of a mouth opened again. "Look at the bed!" It bellowed. Jason looked over at the bed and let out a gasp. There was a person laying on his bed. Whoever it was appeared to be sleeping.

"No way!" Jason yelped. He walked over to the bed and turned the person over. The unconscious face looking back at him was none other than his own. Letting out a howl he fell to the floor. He began to hear a horrible cackling, echoing throughout the room. He looked over at the smiley.

"Do you feel that heat, boy?" The smiley manically screamed. The room was now sweltering. Jason could barely see through the smoke. Suddenly Jason remembered. He did leave the soup on.

"How did I end up here?" He yelled. Flames began to engulf the room.

"Your wrongs." The melting smiley grumbled. Jason looked over at his unconscious body. Suddenly the room pairs of eyes began to appear throughout the smoke, surrounding Jason. They began howling and screaming. Jason felt hands violently grasping at him through the smoke.

"What do you want?" Jason cried.

One of the shadowy figures in front of him cried out "Why did you kill me?". Jason squinted through the smoke and saw a male figure in a suit. As the figure became clear he began to see massive amounts of blood. The man appeared to have sustained a gruesome gun shot through his eye. Blood was gushing everywhere.

"What the hell what are you?" Jason yelled. Another figure stepped close to him. A middle aged woman wearing blood drenched track suit. Her entire chest was caved in, pouring blood and bits of flesh.

"Did I deserve this?" The woman cried. Jason thrust his body to the side and locked eyes with a man in a uniform.

"Why did you have to do it, you bastard?" The man wildly howled, his chest bleeding profusely. Jason began to look frantically around the room for a way out. It was then that he noticed a name tag on the man's uniform.

"Royal Sands Bank" he murmured to himself. Everything came back to him. His eyes shot around the room. He could see there were only 3 people. A business man, a jogger, and a security guard. "I killed all of you." He sobbed. "I shot you in the chest as we entered the bank." He said staring at the guards feet. He looked over at the businessman "I shot you, because you tried to go for the panic button." Then he locked eyes with the jogger. "I wasn't trying to kill you." He stuttered. "I couldn't control the car." Jason was now hysterical "I am the Royal Sands Joker." He cried out. "I was the only one to escape from that bank robbery seven years ago."

"This is what you sow." The three shrieked. They began to tighten their grip, digging their finger nails into his flesh. At this point Jason began to feel the full intensity of the heat. He could feel his skin begin to bubble, he howled in pain.

The three began to drag him deeper.

There was no escape.

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