[WP] Your mission is to write the worst opening to a YA novel ever. How badly can you make us cringe?

Only 5 minutes and this dragon is going to become a super dragon. His Ferrari is fast, too fast for a dragon; but if this thing goes super we are going to be in trouble. Lucky for us he's the Earth City fighting and driving champion. An impressive resume for a 15 year old elf mage. I digress, you're probably wondering how I got into this mess. Let's start at the beginning.

It all started on my first day at my new highschool in a new town. After mom passed father insisted I go to a private school. "Earth city fighty driver school" reads the neon sign above the drawbridge.

"Perfect," I mumble to myself "I don't even want to be a fight driver."

"You're in the wrong place then m'lady"

I spin around caught off guard by the abrupt intrusion, caught off guard a second time when I see the one who is speaking. My mother used to call me M'lady, could this be fate.

"Didn't mean to startle you miss, the names Dom, Dominis Brawltuf Empathis." He presents a large calloused hand.

"Angel, just Angel." I reply trying not to stare at his pecks.

"Just Angel, no last name?" He shoots me a quick wink.

Memories come flooding back, I can't do this here, not now and especially not in front of his Perfect chin.

"The Dragons..... the Dragons took my last name when I was just a child."

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