[WP] You're an 18 year old who has been raised since birth to become the perfect spy as a part of a covert Military program. You Finally get your first solo mission after training since birth.

I stepped out of the restaurant into the busy Beijing street, people rushing around trying to save themselves from the storm that had drawn in that night. I took a quick glance around, finding my mark quick enough. The aging businessman fit in well enough, were it not for the characteristic bulge of ill-fitting covert body armor. I made after him quickly, pulling on a baseball cap low across my brow. Wading through the sea of people was very quickly becoming frustrating, people crashing into me and shouting. It was all very distracting, although I guess that works both ways.

Soon enough I caught up to him, and I couldn't help but feel a tingle in my stomach. And then I saw him take the turning, walking up the steps to the generic looking apartment building. I waited outside, glancing down at my watch. Thirty seconds ticked by. That should be enough time.

I walked over to the front desk and smiled at the receptionist, "Hi, I'd like a room please?"

Quickly rushing through the process and just about throwing the yuan across the counter, I hopped into the elevator and closed the doors. Taking a glance at the hotel keycard I saw the hotels phone number, punching it into my cellphone.

In my best Mandarin I asked, "Hello, my name is Mr Doe. Would I be able to speak to Mr Qui Chao? I believe he is staying at your hotel."

"Just one moment Sir," the voice said, "He will be down in just a moment Sir."

"Thank you." I said, watching with a grin as the elevator went to get it's next passenger. I put the phone back in my pocket and soon the doors opened again. I gave a casual nod at Mr Qui getting in, as I just happened to be getting out. Sure enough, a few minutes later the frustrated Chao re-appeared, not looking up from his keycard as he slammed it into the door. This was all too easy.

Walking behind him in silence, I heard the click of the lock, and then felt the soft thud as I forced him inside. I kicked the door closed, and quickly jumped atop the screaming businessman, struggling to stuff my cap into his mouth. Was he supposed to be this loud? Growing annoyed I soon resorted to just slamming the sharp edge of my elbow into the side of his head, until finally the impacts became wetter, and he became all quieter. My breath was shaky as I brought myself to my feet, taking in the macabre sight. It wasn't as disturbing as they said it would be. He looked much the same aside from the blood.

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