[WP] You're home alone watching late night TV with the family dog. Suddenly the National Emergency Broadcast signal appears and an air raid siren sounds outside. Your dog looks at you as says "We have to go, now".

"This is no time for chat, we must gather supplies. Get some blankets, antibiotics, some bleach, a torch...anything that might be useful for our survival," Benson said.

I grabbed the supplies he asked for and some others that we might need, and we left the house. "Wait," I said. I rushed back into the house, and grabbed a photo of my family and I. It was then that the air raid sirens sounded. I rushed to the van, slipping the photo into the front pocket of the knapsack. Benson sat next to me in the front seat.

"For now, we can't focus on the direction, we just need to leave the city and get out of the country. Thomas, I love you, and I need to tell you something. Don't look at the sky for the next few hours, until we get far away. Please, promise me you won't do it," he said.

"Ok, I won't," I said. I started up the van, and we left my house. I made sure to put two extra cans of fuel in the back before we left, so we would have enough for a while.

I kept wanting to glimpse up at the sky. I flipped the visor down and wondered why I couldn't look. I still hadn't gotten over the fact that Benson was talking. My best friend of 5 years who had never talked before had suddenly started talking.

My head hurt, and I was nauseous, but I had to concentrate on the chaos going on around me. People were smashing shop windows, looting expensive things like T.V.'s and game consoles. Benson started to chuckle.

"These people don't seem to realize that all of these things will become useless in the next twenty-four hours. A television will be as useful as a brick."

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. "I can see that you are bothered by the fact that I am talking, but I am quite impressed by the way that you have handled it. By now, many people would have shot me under the impression that I was possessed by a demonic entity. Hopefully once you are settled you can congratulate me on my accomplishments. Not many dogs would take the liberty of learning a new language to warn their masters of an impending apocalypse," he said.

"Apocalypse?" I said, startled. I almost swerved off the road into a group of looters. He looked at me and nodded.

"Yes, this is the apocalypse," he said. I retched, and tears started to well in my eyes.

"H-h-how are you so comfortable with it?" I said, crying.

"Because, you and I are going to survive," he said. "It was lucky that we left when we did. In the next few minutes, the highways are going to be utterly choked with the amount of traffic trying to leave the city."

"Oh my god, okay. What kind of apocalypse...is this?" I said.

"Focus on driving for now, I can explain that later," he said.

We were on the highway's now, driving out of the city. I caught a glimpse of the sky in the side mirror from the car in front of me. It was black.

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