[WP] You're a time police, you job is to detain and explain time travelers who want to "change things for the best" that we live in the best timeline, and every change in history will just make thing worse.

"Okay, so I kind of messed up."

"Kind of?" His voice grew as he spoke, eyebrows furrowing and face reddening, "Kind of screwing up is when you bring someone a caffeinated continuum when they asked for decaf, you let them shoot a goddamn baby!"

"In my defense, sir, the baby was Adolf Hi-"

"I know who the baby is!-- WAS!" ... They sat there in silence a moment, frozen in their positions before the chief sighed and un-furrowed his brows, and let out a sigh, which landed squarely in the palm of his hand as he moved it to cover his eyes and grip the bridge of his nose. "You have two time loops, okay? After that I can't send you back in time to save the baby-"

"Why again, exactly, are we, sir, trying to save this, uhhh, this particular baby?"

"Godda- not this again, Lieutenant, you remember what happened when Higsley convinced me of this last time, right? Somebody has to force Freud out of his home. Metaphor, schmetaphor, what he wrot

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