[WP] You're a waterfighter. Your job is to patrol the city in your watertruck and look for recently extinguished houses... then set them back on fire. Everybody thinks you're an asshole.

Waterfighter Omega: "When people ask what I do, they tell me they don't believe me, but believe me, I am telling the truth. I work for a secret society called the Waterfighters. We fight water with fire. Now, I know what you're gonna say, call me a monster, whatever you want, but every hero needs their archnemesis. I provide a necessary job to make sure firefighters exist. Without fire, this planet would be full of water. Now I don't just burn any house, I only burn houses recently extinguished. I try to hurt people as little as possible, thats why I don't burn entire cities. That's why I can't be with you, I am the exist opposite of what your parents want, to them I am just the devil."

The girl: "I don't care about what my parents want!"

Waterfighter Omega: "You must, you're living in their house! Your house was just on fire, your parents have gone through enough, now because I care for you I am telling you to leave now with your parents and you know what I have to do. If I don't do it, they will fire me."

The girl: "It's just a job, why don't you quit?"

Waterfighter Omega: "For them to fire me, it means they will burn me alive."

The girl: "We could runaway together, they would never find us."

Waterfighter Omega: "They have deep pockets in every country. It is not possible and plus, they have a tracker in my back."

The girl: "Promise me you'll find me once your done."

Waterfighter Omega: "I can't promise anything, move on and find someone you can be with."

10 minutes later:

Waterfighter Omega: "These masks are killing me. It is so hot and humid under these, don't you think the agency should invest in more comfortable. I mean if we have to wear these masks to every target, don't you think they should be comfortable?"

"Did you finish the job?"

Waterfighter Omega: "Yeah boss, I got the girl and her parents out using that alias. The house is nothing but ashes; Its ready."

"Our employer will be pleased."

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