[WP] You've been scouring the deep net and you stumble across a crowd-source assassination hit list. Your name and every alias you've ever used fill the top 10 slots.

"Not long now" I thought to myself I double checked both the vpn and TOR. It was finally time to start my exploration of the dark net. I know what you're first thought is, and no I am not a pedophile. My dark net needs are much more academic related. There is also the drugs, but I assure you the vast majority of my reasons to be here are related to exploring the unknown.

Once I verified my connection was secured, I pulled up the hidden wiki and started to browse through the links. I tried to skip through the child porn as quickly as possible when I stumbled upon an interesting link. It was a new entry related to assassinations. It is common knowledge that just about every single hitman and assassination listing in the dark net is either fake or a government sting operation. Putting that aside, almost every single one of these listing is at least a little amusing, so I decided this would be my first link.

It took about 30 seconds for the page to fully load every element. TOR in conjunction with a vpn really slows everything down. As the page was loading into view I was able to pick up on small details. It seems this was essentially a giant popularity contest where users could submit whatever name they wanted. As the top 10 list came into existence my blood turned to ice. My hand launched towards the power button on my computer instinctively. I stopped my hand just before it hit the power button. All I could do was stare at the list.

Every single alias, along with my own name, was in this top 10 list. It was impossible, there was no way the website could have traced my ip. If by some act of god the website was even able to do that, there is no way it could have found over 10 years of online alias's, along with my own name, in under 30 seconds. My mind raced at the possibilities. I had never been on tv, never been internet famous, hell I have never even had many friends. I scanned the website desperately for any clues.

My stomach tied itself into a knot when I found the news section. The most recent post was a congratulations message. It thanked the users for their "wonderful" submissions, and the so called assassin that had responded to the call. My ears started ringing as I tried to concentrate on the sounds around me. My hand dove to my phone as I started to shakily call 911. "There has to be time" I thought to myself. The news post was made yesterday, he would need more time to track me down. I connected to the operator and started to explain the situation. She seemed unconvinced at first. I kept trying to explain the situation, but she would have none of it and eventually hanged up after giving me a lecture in prank calling 911 with fake stories.

I stared at my screen for what seemed like hours. It just did not make any sense, why would I of all people be there. Once I had burned that webpage into my retinas, i decided to go for a walk to clear my head. I paced around for hours trying to remember every single person I had angered in my 22 years of living. The sun eventually rose, but I did not sleep. I stayed up for almost 72 hours before I passed out in center of my living room. I spent weeks in a paranoid state of heightened senses. Almost all of my free time was spent either trying to contact the FBI, or writing down every person from my past.

I never made any enemies, never got into a fight, hell I never even shouted at anyone once in my entire life. My only conclusion to this entire event was that it was some sick prank and I was unfortunate enough to be the randomly selected prankee. As a one month anniversary came to pass, I finally started to calm down. It had to be a joke, there is no way anyone would seriously consider that list, or take its curator up on the offer. In celebration of still being alive, I decided to spend a well-deserved night on the town.

I was slightly buzzed while walking home from the bar, but I was calm. That list had forced me to think long and hard about who I was and where I was going. It is honestly amazing how such a stressful even can force you to take a look at the person you are, and the person you have always wanted to be. With a pep in my step, I walked down the street towards my apartment, A smile came across my face when it was finally in sight. As I rounded the final corner, a hand shot out from my right side and dragged me into the alley. I tried to kick, scream, bite, and twist my way out of this hold. Nothing worked as I was dragged deeper and deeper into the darkness. As my assailant pointed their gun towards my face, these words echoed through the alley way.

"You will kill adam and millions of others if I let you live tonight"

"I'm Sorry"


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