[WP] You've just pulled into your driveway to see your child has accidently summoned a demon using sidewalk chalk and playtoys.

I put the car in park and rushed to the porch.

"Adam! Come here, now." I shouted, stopping just before the steps. Behind my son was some horrible animal, all teeth and horns. Adam looked at me and grinned.

"You really should take better care of this one," the thing spoke without moving its mouth. Its voice was distant like the rustle of leaves but also somehow incredibly powerful, gripping my heart and causing my blood to freeze.

"L-look. Whatever you are, get away from my son, or I'm calling the police," I choked.

"I'd love to, but your son's made a pact." It pointed a long clawed finger to the red boards of the porch. Adam sat in the center of a multicolored chalk circle adorned with smaller circles and stars and strange squiggles. "This one's talented, I haven't seen a seal like this since Ptolemy. How old is he?"

"I said get away!"

"You don't seem to understand. Your son brought me here. To be honest, it's something of an annoyance, being called like this without a purpose. But I can't deny that my interest is piqued." It must have seen the confusion in my eyes. "If you want me gone, you're going to have to break our contract. Some counter spells, potions, incense and whatnot. You can begin by destroying that circle."

I hesitated, then slowly stepped up to the landing. With a worn tennis shoe, I smudged the outer circle.

"All the way to the center, please," It said.

I reached further and dragged my foot from the inside out.

"That'll do. We can begin tonight, the full moon will help." The monster began going up in blood red smoke, which spun and vanished into the forest beyond the porch railing. I looked down at Adam, who was eating a stick of purple chalk.

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