The Wrap up Show (first words you say when it starts)

Hi. No, man. You still don't see the problem this sub has with you. Your problem is two-fold, you're basically a guy that more or less is new on the internet and reddit is new to the recent (post 2009) Stern show. So what we have is a guy who is pitching a bitch day-in and day-out that the show has changed in the last 6 years and posts daily about it when the rest of us already are fully aware of it. You see? Your griping is repetitive and pointless and doesn't add anything to the discussion of the sub. As has been said- ok you don't like the new direction of the show, then stop listening if you don't like it.

The thing about Reddit is that no one posts every single day about any topic in any sub because no matter who you are your opinion isn't that interesting to anyone else and it helps to not overpost to keep the topics fresh in the sub...except here you are griping about the Stern show every single day in this sub. If that's what you want to do then go ahead but don't be surprised when we're all bored with it and downvote you so we don't have to see your posts. Also as has been said you make no effort to try to get along with anyoine on Reddit whatsoever. Ive never seen you post anything agreeing with anyone on any sub and that just makes you a dick here man. People don't need you calling them names and shit because they disagree with you. it's a lot funner to find common ground. You just sound like a whiny ass, bratty kid every time you post and so you get downvoted. Oh and BTW people here are more inclined to just downvote and move on as apposed to starting an argument with someone that goes on forever. If you want that there's tons of other forums I truly think you would be happier on. How did you find reddit in the first place?? Like honestly. Of all places how did you end up here?? I seriously don't get why you're here and think if you looked around you would find somewhere better to your liking. You don't get this site and don't like it so I have no idea why you are still here.

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