[Wrestling Observer] Kenny Omega unable to appear at AAA Triplemania due to AEW suspension

No boss would confront an employee face to face literally minutes after that employee challenged them to a fight.

Megha should have been there. Tony should have been there. Maybe security to make sure it didn’t get out of hand. The Bucks are the exact last people that should have been there if the goal was to diffuse the situation.

Everyone points out that Punk said “come find me” if there was a problem, as if he was inviting them to come discuss things, but they leave out that he said “Let’s fuckin’ go” at the end of that sentence. He was saying “let’s fight” to the EVP’s.

That means they knowingly walked into a volatile situation even though Punk threw the first punch. Even if it was a thing where they thought “He won’t be so tough when we’re there, he only talks like that behind our backs,” that’s still a problem.

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