Write down whatever the fuck you are feeling.

If Infinite Occurrences Can Dictate The Presence Or Demise Of Life In The Universe Conversely The Same Probability Occurs For Any Point In The Universe. All Living Creatures Have Needs. Their Needs Are Realized On A Primal Level. A Need Is A Need. To The Mind It Cannot Be Bad. Neither Is It Good. Its Full Realization Will Undoubtedly Give Some Form Of Satisfaction. Some Needs Are Vital To Survival. Nourishment Hydration Rest Movement All Needs Are Learned. Our Minds Create Empathy For Others As It Will Promote The Survival Of The Species Thus Benefiting Your Own Offspring Or The Offspring Of Others Is Important To You. This Empathy Becomes Internalized And We Either Understand Why The Other Is Acting The Way They Are And Relate, Mimic Or Reject The Action. We Relate If The Action One We Have Experienced Whether Personally Or In The Surroundings.
This Boosts The Emotions Associated With The Action. We Mimic When We Relate So Strongly We See The Action As Superior. We Reject When We Feel Threatened. We Relate. This Moves Our Needs For Survival To Created Needs In The Mind Of The Individual. These Needs Become Rituals. Regimens, Repeated Reactions, And A Mental And Physical Attempt To Take On The Full Embodiment Of The Action As Far As Enthusiasm Will Take It. These Non-Vital Needs Since Created By The Mind Can Be Themselves Discarded Or Emphasized By Simply Reviewing A Reaction And Contemplating Its Real Purpose. We Are All Constantly Trying To Meet Our Needs
Vital Non Vital Meet Others Needs Non Vital Through Our Instinctive Response Of Empathy We Are Creating Another False Sense Of Reality. The Needs Of Others Even If Explicitly Stated Are Subject To The Surrounding Parties Interpretation.
Another Created Need That Can Be And Is Changed In The Mind Constantly. The Supposed Expectations Of Others And The Expectations We Have Are All Subject To A Created Opinion. With This All Considered The View One Takes Of Life Is The Life One Lives.

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