I write a lot of fiction based on fact. This is fact: I betrayed the girl I was going to marry, and she was heartbroken. I couldn't bear her absence, so as a compromise, I relinquished her the key to my cock, and she now totally controls me.

A bit about this photo:

-This was taken THE VERY MINUTE after she first took control of me. - I'm smiling because she told me to smile for the photo, not because I'm happy. I had actually been crying (but don't feel bad for me, it was pathetic). She also made me cross my legs and told me to look like I'm waiting for my date who has a nice car and a big dick. She loves this photo because I look "perfectly crushed." - This was my first time crossdressing. Through her, I've learned to love it. I now no longer consider myself a crossdresser, and I feel appropriate when she makes me dress like a girl. She always makes me write a long review for every single dress we order from Amazon, and I have to mean it. - She made me go out that night. Pearls, petticoat, handbag, panties. stockings, wig, cute heels and all. She made me flirt with men and make out with men. I was mortified. I wasn't even sure what a petticoat was back then, and now she makes me wear them all the time. She loves making me twirl them. I'm happy to entertain her. - I used to hate this photo because it depicted me in a dress. Now I hate it because I was 40 lbs heavier when it was taken. To make me more feminine and attractive to men, she made me lose weight. - I'm thinner in the following pics, and she prefers showing these because the gloves are very cute and also the tattoos show my identity. If anyone we mutually knew happened to browse here, my identity would be super obvious and I can't do anything about it. I also sincerely believe these are my favorite shoes I've ever owned, and I am so sorry they once embarrassed me.

http://i.imgur.com/P0mJHU4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZXVbAH6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oiTqmqw.jpg

-She made me stop in this truck stop while traveling so I could take pics and pose. This was when She made me do a duckface. I had to walk back through the truck stop dressed like that. It sucked, but hey, her orders aren't all fun and games.


It's been two years, and she hasn't even shown any sign of interest in letting my cage go. I definitely been broken by now. I enjoy wearing pretty dresses. I only own women's panties as underwear. I've sucked a lot of cock. I can only obtain sexual gratification via anally receiving, but she personally won't peg me because she says that's still having sex and I can never have sex with her again. I honestly feel I deserve all this, especially when I remember her crying from my betrayal. And besides, she tells me, she also wears dresses and sucks cock, so why should I feel those are inferior qualities to have? It's a good point and it's why I now feel lucky and privileged to be in a dress. Her next big decision is that I need a French Maid outfit and be put to work.

Nothing can bring back what we had, but now when I hear her having sex with other men I at least have my fond memories.

PS In case there is concern, we both love this, and it works. :) We somehow love each other more than ever.

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