Write a song about how you felt after hearing some bad news about something.

Okay, I want to preface that this song is based on a personal true story and it's my first time sharing something. Please be kind.

Red Jacket-

I saw you drowning in my mind's eye.

The search was on but I knew you'd gone

I heard the ocean's sirens calling me

The bay felt cold and the sea was blue

The search was off but I knew you'd gone

Mario said to be strong and lead the group

I put my red jacket on it was waterproof

The girls didn't believe him but I knew you'd gone

Down in Donostia we walked the waters edge

I heard waves crashing foaming against that seawall

I wanted to jump in the bay but I knew you'd gone

I wanted to cry to flow my tears flow my tears

I knew you'd gone.

The rain fell hard at the end of the earth

I was angry at all the gold in that goddamned church

Disillusioned no solution for my grief or the past

I blocked all my feelings trying to let go of this sadness

I came home to frozen cars and frozen streets, a snow white campus with haunting grey towers

Snowed in for days, I made a trek across the woods

I skipped your service told myself to miss the crowds.

I tried my best to act like I was good, to go to class and stay strong

I was still holding on, but I knew you'd gone

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