Writing in present tense

I think what you're doing is confusing present progressive for present tense. Writing action blocks as "He grabs, he reaches, he struggles, etc." is present tense- and what I believe to be the best way of writing action blocks. It's concise and present. The idea of writing "He is grabbing a book from a shelf" isn't giving me the exact moment to moment imagery of what is happening.

"He approaches the bookshelf and scans the titles for his grandfather's old journal. It doesn't seem to be here, until something catches his eye... Stuffed between two encyclopedias rests an old leather journal. He grins."

This isn't the best example but the idea is present tense gives you a moment to moment image of the action. Present progressive ie- "is grabbing" is a hurdle for readers to jump over when trying to immerse themselves in your script. You have the right instincts!

Hope this helps!

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