Writing Prompts - Let's practice writing short responses together! 01/03/2015

1) I do not agree with the statement that television violence has a negative effect on society as a whole because it promotes violence. While it might be possible for television violence to have a negative effect on an individual, it hardly affects society as a whole. If we were to see a movie about horror and gore being played in the HBO channel, will it urge us as a society to be more prone to condone and do the same violent things being shown in the movie? While there are varying responses from every human being, the usual answer is no. Whereas if we were to have an individual for example, watch several violent condoning films day in and day out for several days non-stop, the usual psychological reaction to it is to either be a) disgusted towards the violence shown or b) start taking pleasure towards the violence being shown. Even then, in most cases, people tend to opt to the latter option or even the hidden c) option: disgust and pleasure at the same time. So, no, I disagree that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. Television violence only exists if not to fulfil our innate desire on harm towards others by acting it out falsely in films or recording others who are professionally paid to do so (boxers, wrestlers, martial artists, etc) in real life.

2) I have visited an amusement park, it is called Universal Studio and is located in Singapore. My favourite ride had been the indoor roller coaster ride inside a pyramid. In it, the roller coaster vehicle falls into an area surrounded by fire as if we were inside the scene projected in the screen shown to us during our stay in the circle of fire. My worst ride or activity was the Jurassic park ride where we were riding in some sort of what seems to be like, a circular floating raft designed so that it would let water into where the passengers were located in. It was terrible, we just floated across a river stream and then going into one elevator and being dropped down before leaving. It was not very exciting nor was it thrilling other than the last part where our circular raft was plunged into the next stream of water several meters away. If I were to recommend an amusement park, it would be Disney land because there are far more rides in Disney land than there are in Universal studio and it does not cost half as expensive as Universal Studio would.

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