Writing Task: Thursday Public Speaking (2nd Week)

  I am Jenny, an adventurous person. My friends and I went to Somalia strait together. In the road, We saw a lot of scenery,such as  rainforest, desert, and all kinds of wild animal. Happyly and unforgettablely. However, Something unfortunately happened. We  had a tsunami so that all of us trapped on the island. The island have nothing, there is no food, no water, only have trees and sea. Therefore, we were hungry for a day, two days. Three days ...Gruatually, because of no food and water, some people choose to give up. When i will give up , a bottle washed into the case. I walked up and opened it. There is a paper in the bottle. It is a SOS.  There is someone had the same experience as we did. To be different, they did not give up living. I suddenly thought we couldn't just give up life. Life is so beautiful, could i just give up it? Therefore, i began to inspire my friends, and we started to cut wood and make a fire, look for food on the beach. Grantually, people became confident. We learn how to build ship together. Pass a week, wo finished. We found the person who needed help in the bottle for help. In the end, we all be helped!

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