Why is it wrong for cis women to be wary of trans women entering women's washrooms with a self id? Is it wrong to be worried that it will not be a safe space for women (both cis and trans) if anyone can enter a washroom with a self id?

Let’s not be delusional. Women do not rape and molest like men do. Men are responsible for 96% of violent crimes. We have protections under the legal definition of Woman to have Women Only Spaces.

Make your own transgender spaces! It’s the best solution. Why are you so interested in going into women’s spaces? I don’t understand the aggressive need to be in women only spaces.

What Trans Rights Activists did to Vancouver Rape Relief highlights the misogynists and vultures in that community. Pinning a dead rat on a Rape Shelter because they don’t accept Males (men or transwomen) shows you how bad us women need to maintain our own protected spaces.

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