Is it wrong for me to have a gym crush when I’m in a relationship?

I think it is just you... after reading the comments.. at first, I thought maybe I was being insensitive because when putting myself in my boyfriend’s shoes and thinking “what If he was making eye contact/ smiling at some girl at his gym?” I’d be like dang, a little punch to my ego. But knowing that he would never approach her and if she did approach him he’d right away say “you know what I’m sorry I actually have a girlfriend I’m really happy with” would automatically make up for anything. And if anything give me an ego boost like HA even hot girl at his gym couldn’t destroy our relationship. Which I would never leave my boyfriend for this gym guy ever.

In my eyes, it’s really motivation for me to get to the gym. See this cute guy. And then move on with my life later in the day. Go home. Shower. Cook dinner. Maybe go hang out with my boyfriend. I think it’s just a fun little thing to make the gym a little more exciting than it is.

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