Is it wrong for parents to ask an 18 year old who has finished school and is working to pay a small amount of rent if they are living at home and not paying any other expenses such as food etc?

Fought with this myself. After much discussion with the spouse, decided that as long as they were in college and living at home then no. But if they decided against attending college and were working then they should pay something.

When my kids were in high school, I helped them get their credit scores high, all above 750, with student credit cards and car loans. I considered rent as another means of teaching then fiscal responsibility.

The amount was another problem. I had looked around and saw some suggestions as high as $600/month. Which was out of the question. We didn't need the money so we settled on $200/month.

Then we saved ALL of it and used to it pay moving expenses and purchase needed items for their first apartment. Moving out for the first time can be expensive and there are so many unforseen expenses. But it was great to be able to provide them with all the shit that one needs in an apartment from the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom.

It was great to be able to let then pick out a couch and recliner with the remainder of the funds and buy a bunch of groceries. But, my favorite part was telling them that they had actually paid for all of it.

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