WS had 3 EAs (at least) and says they aren't EAs because he doesn't feel guilty.

Right I edited my post but you were too fast. Here are my new thoughts. Just brain storming, or maybe it just a light shower idk. I'm gonna include them here.

You sound like a good person I'm sorry he is not treating you with the respect and consideration you deserve.

" Can you turn the tables a bit? Start having a hobby that you do without him. Meet other people have some male friends. Not saying to cheat.

Maybe even ask him for an open relationship at some point.

His lack of empathy sounds diagnosable.

He may threaten divorce. Tell him you won't let him control you that way. If he is going to divorce you for having friends than it's not healthy for you to stay in such a toxic relationship like that anyway. (You cant really combine this with asking for an open relationship for obvious reasons)

You can say that not everyone cheats like he does."

That sounds a bit vindictive but he needs to wake up. Have you considered therapy/counseling at least for yourself?

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