WSB discussion today

So, AMC is suddenly worth 80+x (Market cap was under 300 million and now it's 24.7 billion) what it was worth several months BEFORE Covid hit. Why would that be? Because people are going to go back to theaters more than they ever have in history now that companies have started streaming theater releases at home... a practice that will NEVER be completely reversed again?

Oh, and GME is going to become the Amazon of gaming because Steam and... well, amazon don't ALREADY exist. No, it's because everyone is going to stop playing games online and start playing at gamestop locations. No on has ever tried to have a place where people could show up and play video games before? Oh fuck! Yes, they did. There were arcades and the vast majority of them are out of business, once again, because people can do that shit at home.

And Blackberry... sure... maybe... I guess. Never heard anything good about their enterprise software and my understanding is that they have mostly attempted to buy innovative companies in order to compete, but maybe there is something there...

All this versus CLF with a crazy tailwind of steel futures that the stock normally runs with but for some reason stopped in January... essentially making them clearly undervalued. But, yeah, it's the market makers trying to trick you. Fucking moron.

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