WTF is this? Its 3:54 am and I am being woken by azan from at least from 5-6 mosques.

The irony is that Hindu Temples in Tamil Nadu usually starts singing at 6 for 3 hours and I don’t know what festival but they go parade in streets at 1 am every day for a month for once a year.

And I don’t see Muslims complaining to it.

In fact during Diwalis even most Muslim people rejoice with crackers.

Azan is literally Muslim Call for prayer. It translates as God is Great, There is no God But God and Prophet Muhammad is his messenger, Come for success and come for prayer.

It’s a ‘call’ for prayer. Muslims who fast will stop eating from the dawn (when the morning call for prayer is called) and start eating during dusk( evening call of prayer).

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